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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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have we done? fought that war again. >> start each weekday morning with fox and friends. thanks for joining us. see you then. esidt oba president obama getting ready to bulldoze washington. his master plan now exposed in an e-mail blast to supporters white house senior advisor promises the president won't be waiting for congress to act, and will use every, yes every executive tool available to get what he wants. apparently the years of action will be all about executive action. >> if congress continues to stand only for dysfunction and delay, then i'm going to move ahead without them. i'm going to do everything that i can do without congress. >> whatever congress refuses to act, joe and i are going to act. >> with or without congress. >> i am going to act on my own. >> i have a pen.
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i have a phone. i can use that pen to sign executive orders. >> did president obama miss the class about the three equal branches of government and separation of powers? rush limbaugh is not holding back. >> he can do executive orders to make things there. he can do executive orders and executive actions to get rid of the unfairness. he will make this lousy country finally fair. you have these republicans saying okay i am just going to start writing executive order. the hell with it. i'm finally going to make everything fair. he might have a pen. he might have a phone. but what he does not have is the constitutional power to run this country like a dictator. >> nice to see you, carl. >> good to see you. >> rush limbaugh says the president doesn't have the power to run the country like a dictator. doing or something else?
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>> i am deeply troubled by the president's use of executive authority. the president has a strong executive authority. but the president as decided not to take our drug laws regarding marijuana and enforce them. if a state decides it doesn't want to live by the federal law, the president is ignoring the federal law. immigration, we looked during the bush year and whether there was authority to exempt a class of people and concluded that there was no possibility of a president legally doing that. this president has suspended a part of the immigration law for a class of people. you can suspend the immigration law for individuals based on specific facts. but you can't do it for a class. we are seeing this time and time again. on obamacare we had the waivers in 2011 and 2012. we had a year delay of the employer mandate. where was the authority to do that? they moved the dates for the sign up and the payment. they have exemptions for
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certain union plans. they now say the individual mandate, if your plan you wanted to keep was taken away from you, you can now declare a hardship and have a nonconforming plan. where is the authority to do that? >> i think it is pretty fair to say that whatever congress passed in terms of health care is not exactly what is being i'm plaw meanted right now. implemented right now. it is vastly different. i'm curious, where does that line go? the president has executive authority and president bush exercised it in his presidency 198 times and president obama 167. it is not really so much the number, but what you do with it. i'm also mindful of the fact the supreme court even yesterday, the liberal members were very disturbed at his recess appointments because the senate was not in recess. >> that is interesting. are you right. there was a review of a dc circuit showing the president unilaterally deciding the senate that was not in recess, was not in
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recess. it there by allowed him to make appointments to the national labor board he could not get past a democrat senate they were so bad. a president has a certain authority as president. but it has to be statutory in nature. it has to be drawn from the statute out. where is the statute out that says the president can ignore the requirements of the law for a timely decision by the state department on the keystone xl pipeline? let me give you another example. he has done it each and every year and we will see if it does it this spring. every march and april the actuaries of medicare produce a report. by law, the requirement is if they forecast medicare will have financial problems within a 15-year window, the president is required to present to the congress a plan to bring it back to conformity and to fiscal health. president obama has ignored this requirement in 2009, 10, 11, 12 and 13. >> now let me go back to the
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numbers. president bill clinton at this stage in his two terms, 238 times executive orders to 167 president obama, but it is not necessarily number, but actually what you do. >> it is the subject. where is the president declaring that authority is? >> are you saying the president is exceeding his constitutional authority, or are you saying you don't like what he is doing? >> i think he is violating the law. he has exceeded his constitutional authority. it is not only executive orders. that's one standard here. he didn't issue an executive order to waive the employer mandate for a year. in july of 2013 they said we are going to delay -- unilaterally delay the requirement and it was done by a rule out of department of health and human services. it is not just -- the president does have executive authority, but the executive orders have to have a statutory base. the president is doing things that are against his own -- against the laws he trumpets. >> let me ask you about one other issue, carl.
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that's about the tea party. first the tea party had to take on the irs and now they are taking on the fbi. that is because the fbi will not file criminal charges over the irs targeted scandal. investigators did not find the political bias or enemy hunting that would violate the criminal law. the tea party is furious and one leader will go on the record in a few minutes. first back to carl. irs not criminal according to the fbi? >> that is not accurate. read that story carefully. the fbi first of all does not have a habit of commenting on on going investigations. they just don't. you notice in the "wall street journal" piece, it is law enforcement officials. they don't say officials at the bureau. they don't say fbi agents. they say law enforcement officials. that's broad enough to cover the u.s. attorney's office, the department of justice, the department of justice criminal division. last week, literally within the last week, five days ago,
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the new director of the fbi said this is an on going investigation. it is important to us. i doubt within a matter of days what he said was an important on going investigation has come to a conclusion. they will announce what they are going to do when they are done and maybe even then they won't announce it. >> is this a disgruntled leak? >> i don't know what it is. i think somebody is trying to send a message to the fbi or somebody is trying to dampen down the temperature on this. look, we do know this. we know mitchell who represents about a dozen of these groups that were targeted by the irs, not a single one of those groups has been contacted. secula who represents i think 40 some odd of these, most virtually all of them have not been contacted. how do you conduct an investigation if you are not talking to the people who are abused by the irs? >> some of the tea party people are upset because the woman who is the assigned prosecutor at the doj has donated money to the obama administration.
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i don't think eric holder can go around when he is trying to find a prosecutor to do the investigation who he can give money to. i don't think he can do that. however, i am critical of the lawyer. the lawyer is bound by the code of professional responsibility, and she wants to avoid the appearance of the inpropriety. what she has done by taking on the responsibility and there are 10,000 lawyers there. she could have passed it to another one. she has set that investigation up to be poison. the people who don't like the result are going to say whether fairly or unfairly. she should have taken her name out of that one. >> she gave $6,000 to the obama campaign. that is more than chump change. the appearance of this -- look, this is an investigation that particularly if the government ends up, quote, exonerating the irs, you don't want questions to be raised about the i'm partiality of the government in doing so. >> i think she has an affirmative obligation -- i wouldn't have taken it under those circumstances. >> i couldn't agree more. the fact that the
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administration is blind to that says -- look, the president may have said that he was concerned about this. of course it took many, many months to become concerned and then two months later says it is phony. and now we are learning how phony they think it is when they do not care about the basic fundamentals. are we conducting this investigation in such a way that a it will have confidence of the american people when concluded? >> and talk to the people who say they were wronged. they may have had phone conversations with the irs that may advance the investigation somehow. the fact that they have not is deeply disturbing. as you said, the investigation is not over. >> the investigation is not over and this is another reason why -- look, the fbi, say what you will about them, they are thorough. i can't believe they would conduct an investigation in this issue without interviewing at least the lawyers of the groups if not the groups themselves. >> always nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> i will talk to you off the record. i read a tweet by a u.s. senator this morning and can't stop thinking about it. it really is indecent. i will tell you what i think
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about it off the record next. and quarterback tom brady and model jaw sell bunch common may be a super couple, but are they super parents? what they have done that made people super angry. that's coming up.
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let's all go off the record for a minute. i was scrolling through
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twitter this morning. i know you do that too and spotted a tweet. she tweeted "no reason why millionaires and billionaires should receive unemployment benefits and co-sponsoring tom coburn amendment for this practice." i thought, are you kidding? millionaires and billionaires are collecting unemployment? that's awful. that's petty too. the whole idea of unemployment benefits is to provide a safety net for people who really need. it millionaires and billionaires, well they just don't need. it sure they are entitled to receive unemployment benefits if they meet the criteria, but that doesn't mean they have to do it. remember, just because you can , doesn't mean you should. you don't always have to settle the score or get even or get what you are legally entitled to. that kneejerk, i paid into it so i'm going to collect it even if i don't need it mentality. doing the right thing matters. if you don't need it, just don't get it. one other thing, we don't need this bill.
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that is legislative decency and they should know better. it is social engineering and that is all messed up. that's my off the record comment. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record go to greta and tell us about it. is the irs going to get away with it with the targeting of conservative groups? no law enforcement agency asking for criminal charges against the irs. the irs is incompetent and not criminal. what does the tea party have to say from that a? the tea party patriot member joins us. what do you think about the information that apparently there is and our own reporting found it as well that there is -- the fbi has not found any information that will lead to filing criminal charges. >> greta, thanks for having me tonight. it is absolutely outrageous. we know for certain that you the irs released donor information of at least one
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group. we know that the irs lied before congress under oath that they would not lie. they lied before congress which is a felony saying there was no targeting when 100% of tea party groups were targeted. and to find out that they are not going to press any charges and they are saying nothing is wrong is outrageous. to top that off, the fbi has not once contacted tea party patriots. they have not contacted our attorneys. tea party patriots and i are in touch with hundreds of groups around the country every single day. these groups have not been targeted. don't you think the first step in -- one of the first steps an investigator should take is people claiming a crime has been committed? >> i suspect the first thing to do is talk to the people who may be the victims of a crime. one of the things i was always -- that was appalling to me is what the irs did here was they oftentimes didn't give decisions so that you couldn't even appeal from a
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denial of a tax exemption. the silence of doing nothing was most astounding, but never aggressively investigated. why do you think this was happening? why are we learning that the fbi apparently doesn't have enough information? do you think the fbi doesn't care or this is not a good investigation? what is your theory on why we are where we are on this? >> when they haven't talked to us and from everything we can tell, the investigation has not been even close to what would be a thorough investigation. it only leads us to the point where we can make guesses about their motives. why are they protecting the irs? why aren't they getting to the bottom of it? if they don't truly do a real investigation of this, they are always -- there are always going to be doubts. it is not good for the trust between the governors and the governed. they have to do a full investigation. it is awful they are not doing that. greta, what you said about not being able to appeal when you
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haven't been granted status, tea party patriots still are 501c still and no determination from the irs. >> see, i don't know if the viewers, if the people understand that. at least if you got denied by the irs you could appeal to the next step. but by doing this pocket veto they have, it is actually more oppressive than you actually realize. it is an extraordinary amount of power they have. you raise motive. who do you think is behind -- is any one person behind making this decision to make this investigation as it is? >> because the investigator has maxed out to the obama campaign it brings into question what their motives are. i don't know who is responsible for it. it certainly appear there's is a cover up. all we can do is draw conclusions from what has happened. our conclusions are the administration or people within the administration are
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allowing this to be swept under the rug and instead of investigating it thoroughly they wanted to silence us and they have done what they can to silence us. we are not going away, but they have done everything they can to make it difficult for us, if not impossible at times to exercise our first amendment rights. >> which is why we go back to what i was saying with karl rove is the prosecutor who was assigned to investigate it should never have accepted the responsibility. not because she is necessarily unfair, but the appearance of unfairness because she was a big donor to the obama campaign and now you jenni and others will not have confidence in the investigation no matter which way the cards fall. anyway, jenni beth, thank you. as noted the investigation is not over, but that's what we are learning tonight that does not look like charges will be filed. we'll wait and see. thank you, jenni beth. >> thank you, greta. the new england patriots' quarterback tom brady may be gearing up for a big playoff game, but his wife is grabbing
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the attention right now. supermodel gisele bundchen is taking heat driving an atv while holding her 1-year-old daughter and neither is wearing a helmet. gisele is steering with only one hand. the photo was snapped on a photo in costa costa rica and mothers hearsay it is unsafe for the baby not to wear a helmet. reps say gisele was on a private beach and driving very, very slowly. you be the judge. should everybody butt out and let gisele raise her kids the way she wants? or should the supermodel put a helmet on that child? vote in our pole. coming up, now even democratic senator dianne feinstein is speaking out bluntly. what she says doesn't jive with me. she is talking about the white house and the benghazi attack. senator feinstein whacked the times. darrell eye saw is next.
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diane dianne feinstein rejecting the new york times claim that the benghazi attack was not carried out by al-qaeda. senator 9 -- senator feinstein says groups loosely associated were involved. the senate deck crate says "it doesn't jive with me." your thoughts about what senator feinstein is saying? >> senator feinstein joins with republican chairman of the select intelligence on the house side. they have looked at the classified information and understand that it was immediate immediate -- immediately known that this at
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least in part was directly connected and it wasn't from a video. this has been known and told to the president within minutes after the attack began. >> actually what bothers me is if she knew that within minutes, on september 13th, 2012, that is two days later she told wolf blitzer when he asked was this a carefully planned operation she said i can see i see no evidence or assessment that indicates it was. i can say there was a protest. why didn't she say that from the get go? why is she waiting until now to say something about a new york times article? why not lay it out in the beginning? >> greta, in politics courage is learning more and telling what you have learned. for senator feinstein early on to buy into what the administration was saying and then over time look at additional assessments and look at what has been uncovered. >> she is the senate intel chairman.
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when this first happened we all knew it wasn't a video. she is the senate intel chairman and she doesn't think there was some sort of carefully planned operation and found no evidence of it? >> that was more than a year ago. there has been interviews in both the house and senate intelligence, in the armed services and in our committee and foreign affairs. in the classified world what we are seeing is this is an absurd claim. more and more in the unclassified world you saw some of what was declassified in the house armed services committee that makes it very clear that this was a terrorist attack. they knew that from the get go. the pentagon commissioned its own study and reached that conclusion. the problem is the extensive work done by an investigator from egypt talking to people who say they are sympathetic to al-qaeda is a pretty absurd way to reach a conclusion that benghazi was just about a video. >> well, here is the thing. if senator feinstein is chairman of the intel committee and just now
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discovering -- i don't know when she made the discovery it wasn't a video and has enough power as senate chair she should exercise her authority as chairman and get this behind us. let's get the truth out really fast. >> it is important that once and for all people understand no matter how many times people bring this up it is a false statement. did was never about the video. this was a september 11th attack, and what the house armed services put out today includes a fact that we did not have our posture correct for september 11th, and certainly in benghazi we had not provided the kind of security the ambassador asked for and cost him his life not having. >> extremely nice to see you as always. >> thank you, greta. president obama is insisting he will skip congress, but will his power grab come back to helicopter him? to haunt him? >> and there is a new jeremiah wright controversy. what should he do now? that's next.
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now get ready to speed
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read your way through the news. he is back. jeremiah wright is making headlines again. he is a chicago pastor who a mentor to president obama. that is until the 2008 presidential campaign. now reverend wright is teaming up with the chicago teachers union. he will give a speech in honor of dr. martin martin luther king, junior. and a raid at justin bieber's mansion. they were looking at an alleged egg attack on a neighbor's house last thursday. when they went into the home they discovered another crime. >> this morning at approximately 8:00 detectives from the malibu police station served a search warrant at mr. justin bieber's residence about a crime that occurred last thursday evening. we collected evidence related to the crime. mr. bieber was present. he was cooperative. he was not arrested. there was another arrest for felony narcotics violation unrelated to this investigation. that was not mr. bieber.
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>> that was bieber's friend who ended up in handcuffs. he was staying at bieber's house and had cocaine in plain sight. bad place. as for the eggs, police will not say what evidence they collected from the house. the pop star could face felony vandalism charges. and no bond for retired police officer accused of shooting a man to death in a florida movie theater. curtis reeves making his first court appearance. he is charged with second-degree murder. police say reeves shot the victim to death because he was texting during a movie preview. and governor chris christie is apologizing again. he started the state of the state address with another apology for grig gate. bridge gate. he said his administration let people down and he is ultimately responsible. the scandal will not delay the government's work. and the pope is selling his harley. in addition to the popemobile pope francis owns a harley-davidson motorcycle. the harley will be auctioned
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off next month. we understand bob beckel and greg gutfeld are in a bidding war over it. the proceeds are going to charity and that is tonight's speed read. you heard it, president obama is vowing to use his pen and his phone to bypass congress. will the power grab get him anywhere? joining us, political director rick klein and washington examiner and john mccormick. hello to awful you. rick, first to you. is this a presidential power grab or business as usual? >> i have a pen and a phone too. i wonder if his will be more effective. he wouldn't be doing this if he thought he could get it out the front door. if he thought there was a way to work with congress and he tried that multiple times. he has been us frustrated as long as republicans have controlled the house. he is testing the limits of presidential powers throughout this. i think part of the promise to use the phone was to try to rally public opinion to his side.
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we have seen him try this before, and it has been startlingly ineffective in anything other than getting him re-elected. he has not got his army out there. that's a big test over the next year. can he get this done? does he get out there for the mid-terms? does he pressure members of congress the way they haven't felt it before? >> what is interesting, and i will just throw this out there, here he is making the run around congress, but what i hear from people on capitol hill, why won't he come and work with us? that's democrats talking. obama has historically not been a hands on guy when it comes to congress. he has a real reputation for that. i find it interesting he is using this tack i can it. really -- this tactic. i heard you mention clinton and bush, but epa regulations, coal, health care law, gun regulations, it goes on and on. maybe now it is into the supreme court. it is really i think reflective of a president who is not really good at working with congress.
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>> there are three equal branches of government and every president who has another party in the house or senate faces some opposition. the whole thing seduced them to come to your side on issues. he is just saying forget it. >> there are certainly areas the president has authority and can issue executive orders, but then there are areas he does president. he doesn't. you can't just waive your hand and changing a law. the employer mandate and individual mandates he delayed parts when he doesn't like it. i have to wonder if he will under cut himself in the long run. if president obama can suspend the individual mandate for some people can't the next president if it is a republican suspend it for everybody? can't the next president suspend the law? i asked democrats and they can't answer the question. >> it just keeps going on. so? what are they going to do about it? nothing. >> there are shades of i'm still relevant here. for his base and the folks that will be energized around
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2014, the idea of a year of action is compelling on its face. most of the big things require congress. that's how it works. even the white house would concede t they want congress to go along on the big priorities. that's how you do the big things. jobs as well. he was president going to get republicans working with him anyways. the white house option wasn't a great one. it is not like they are foreclosing that opportunity. they are not making it more likely to work with the hill. >> president obama is on the road tomorrow and going to the state of north carolina, but democratic kay hagan who has a tough race this fall will be missing in action we understand. busy or scared to death to be seen with the president? >> she is an endangered democrat. she is one of the most vulnerable democrats up for re-election in the senate next year. the unemployment rate is not fantastic in north carolina. she is also dealing with real backlash over the health care law which is called obamacare.
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a new poll has come out showing her behind five potential candidates who would run against her on the republican side. she's in trouble and it is still early for her. she can recover from this. i think what you are going to see is a trend here. hagan is one of the most vulnerable. as the campaign season moves along, depending on how the health care law does. if it really starts to recover and look wonderful, we will see the story change. if it doesn't and we still have this problem, i think you will see more and more democrats even less vulnerable democrats try to avoid being seen with boom. >> approval rate is 39% and obamacare in north carolina is 38%. she was a pusher of it and so that doesn't look good. >> that's a big problem. the president's approval rating is probably lower in north carolina. nationally it is 40%. if you look at the polls historically there is a strong correlation between a president's approval rating and how a party performs in a midparty election. she is trying to get away from him. it is harder to run from her votes, in particular,
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obamacare and everything she was in support of in the past year. >> it is amazing that a u.s. senator doesn't president -- doesn't want to be seen with the party's president. >> we will see this all over l%e country. there are places in the country president obama is very popular. generally they have safe democrats already. there are places he is deeply unpopular and some represented by democrats right now. there will only one president at the end of the year. you can't change that. there is only so much positioning you can do to move yourself away. there will be a lot of folks who are a little hesitant to appear in public. maybe send ma sell. >> it is embarrassing when a senator says president who? panel, thank you. straight ahead, if you think is frustrating you should hear of a website that has more problems. and now one lawmaker wants to take drastic measures. he is here to tell you his plan. and gear reand george talk on camera. and it is a new seinfield
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project in the works. you will see for yourself next.
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okay, everyone. it is time to hash it out. seinfield reunion rumors. "jerry seinfield and jason alexzander spotted outside the diner." sitcom stars were spotted going in with cameras following them inside.
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was it for a series or by a larry david? stay tuned. and these are not your typical garage sale finds. we have kasey anthony's jeans for sale. a website says, so-called murder abelia selling anthony's pants and handbags. they are purchased at her parents' garage sale last summer. anthony was acquitted in the 2008 murder of her daughter, kailey. and he may not be performing at half time, but you can catch him on super bowl sunday. prince to appear on new" girl" after the super bowl. how did prince land the gig? turns out he is a huge fan of "new girl" and contacted the stars of the show about making a cameo. and the show goes on for
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disney's blockbuster "frozen" but this time on stage. the huffington post says disney's "frozen" is going to broadway. "frozen" earning more than $669 million at the global box office, making it disney's number two animated film after" the lion king" the stage adeptation is the biggest grossing of all time. now it it is your time to hash it out with us. coming up, you don't hear this every day. one republican lawmaker says his state would be better on the federal health exchange. why would he say that? find out next.
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if you thought it couldn't get worse, then, think again. one lawmaker says his state is worse, much worse. it is january 14 and do you know oregon's on-linen --
11:46 pm
on-line enrollment system is still not working? representative and gubernatorial candidate wants to shut it down completely. nice to see you, sir. >> good to be here. >> how could this not be working by now? couldn't they borrow somebody else's software from another state and plug it in that says maine? >> that's a good idea. something needs to be done. oregon's software has not worked. we have over $260 million invested with oregon and with failed leadership and the no willingness to accept the fact that we weren't ready. we launched and we have not enrolled a single person with our on-line cover oregon exchange. >> what is everybody in oregon doing? i take it they are not going on-line to get health insurance. are they making phone calls? doing it by paperwork? what is happening. >> they are taking their number two pencils and get written applications and are filling them out one by one and sending them in just like they would have done 50 years ago. it is absolutely ludicrous.
11:47 pm
>> oregon is a state that is very supportive of the democratic party and obamacare. i'm curious, are some of the democrats getting sour on the state exchange or are they still willing to stand behind it? >> it is amazing. it is throwing good money after bad. even with additional work and two months behind us they still don't have any idea when this is going to be functional. yet the democrats are absolutely silent. the silence is deafening. >> well, it is interesting. your governor hired a company to investigate why it doesn't work. maybe they should spend $228,000 to make it work inextend of investigating. >> you are right. it is a failure of leadership and vision. we had a quality assurance team that has been tracking this project from the very beginning. every month they said this is not going to work. it is red. it is not 2ing to lunch.
11:48 pm
instead of taking responsibility and saying we will change thing, the governor says let's spend another quarter of a million dollars and find out why it didn't work. read the reports, governor, and you will find out why it didn't work. >> we are watching a cartoon, one that is an effort to get the people in oregon to get on the state exchange. i assume the state paid for that one, right? >> absolutely. there has been between $10 and $25 million spent advertising a failed program. >> what are the newspaper editorials saying? are they saying what in the world is going on? it is january 14th and not working? >> some of them are starting to get on -- they are starting to pick this up because we have people that want to have insurance. and yet they still go to the eke change on -- to the exchange on-line and they find information, but they can't sign up. they have to make copies. they have to do it by hand or call in and talk to somebody over the telephone. there is a couple of tv stations that are now picking
11:49 pm
this up and wanting accountability. governor, why has this happened a? why weren't you involved in this especially when it comes out that the quality assurance team had found out and had been warning all along that this was going to be a failed attempt. >> well, anyway, we will be watching to see if oregon gets the state exchange up and running. the clock is running. thank you, sir. coming up, iran's president taking to twitter and what he is tweeting is ominous. senator lyndsay graham is here to talk about that a and don't forget to watch "hannity." former defense secretary robert gates will be sean's guest. that's tonight on "hannity."
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now it is time to show what you we are watching. we together the most
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impressive videos. you remember this song, right? >> ♪ gangnam style ♪ hey, sexy lady >> i know you thought that craze was over and so did we until governor mitt romney tried to learn the dance. who has better gangnam style? you decide. who is cuter than puppies babies? puppies babies fighting over a cookie. this pug is not giving up trying to take the cookie away from the baby. in the end, the pug gets the prize. and what do you get when you give a hula hoop with a go pro to the dallas cowboy cheerleaders during their swimsuit calendar shoot? here is the finished product.
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and that's what we are watching tonight. if you want to see more of the cheerleaders, of course, the other videos we just showed you go to greta and this is extremely bizarre and very disturbing. iran's president taking to twitter to taunt western world leaders. you will see what he tweeted. here graham's response.
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well, it sure sounds like that.
11:56 pm
the iranian president boasting that iran got its way with a newly struck nuclear deal. the iranian leader taking to twitter bragging our relationship with the world is based on the iranian nation interest. world powers surrendered to the iranian nation's will. the sixes of -- the 6-month deal calls for the highly enriched uranium in exchange for released of sanctions. did the world powers surrender to iran? nice to see you, sir. that certainly is an interesting message he is sending to the world. >> this interim deal is a light swiss cheese. it has holes all in. it the deal allows the iranians to do r and d research and development on centrifuges. our guys say pen and paper. they can design new centrifuges for development. the iranians say no, we can operate centrifuges. at the end of the day what do
11:57 pm
you tell people in south carolina based on this tweet? what do you tell the people in israel of this tweet? >> i'm sure senator biden got an earful about this. >> the iranians are trying to get a nuclear weapon. when they say they are not, they are lying. if the ayatollahs get nukes, god help us all. >> this was not designed to keep the crowd at home happy. it was on english twitter. he was sending a message to the united states and other nation. >> did you see the story about a secret side deal with the iranians that the iranian diplomat acknowledged existed? >> and our state department denies. >> secretary john mccain and myself are writing a letter to secretary kerry. is it true? if it is not, tell -- if it is, tell us. we are writing a letter, is there a deal that is classified? is there a side deal? they are trying to get a nuclear weapon. what is the goal? it is to make sure she can't. if -- in the next six months
11:58 pm
thisy could have a nuclear weapon. at the end of the six months how far away from a nuclear weapon are they? will the reactor that produces plutonium be dismantled? will all of the highly enriched uranium be turned over to the international community? will they still have thousands of centrifuges? >> if president obama was sitting here talking what would he say in response to you? >> he would say don't do sanctions. if you do another line of sanctions, i would say mr. president, the people you areth. >> the former secretary defense gates said the sanction should be passed, but with a condition that does agree with that and if they don't comply -- >> the sanctions we are trying to pass in the senate reinforced the end game. they don't go into effect in six months. they would stop enriching and turnover the uranium. >> is the obama administration
11:59 pm
in good faith having negotiations? >> it is a deal for deal sake. >> any deal? >> i think this is syria all over again and north korea all over again. 9 people who did -- the people who did north korea are in charge of these deals. i don't think the administration has an end game of stoping the enrichment program. they are trying to reduce it. if you were israel could you live in peace with the idea the ayatollahs have the capability of turning eye rain yum into a bomb material? i couldn't. >> i don't think netanyahu could either. >> this deal is a bad deal and if we don't start disciplining the iranians they will run all over us. >> always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> just a reminder, if you are getting in and tuning in before bill o'reilly pick up your remote and set a series recording for "on the record" each night. go to greta wire right now and answer this, what do you think of president obama using executive action? fair or power grab? is he violating constitutional
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powers? go to greta and vote. we will see you right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern, washington. good night. uh -- averto. are you about to enter the greg zone tonight on "red eye." coming up on "red eye" have government scientists helped you invent a burrito to help determine the lottery numbers? the story they don't want you to hear. and how serious is the white house about spending billions to create a working hover board? >> our position on this is clear from the beginning. we want it done. >> and finally is bubble soccer less boring than regular soccer? our panel debates the topic espn is too afraid to cover. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> that looks interesting. let's welcome our guest. she is sharper than


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